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8th-Jun-2011 12:53 am - The happy times keep coming
Today I got the referee's report on a paper I submitted a month ago. The report was very favorable. I am very happy with it. Hopefully it will be accepted for publication.

I made the revisions suggested today and I also finally finished editing another paper to submit. I am surprised at how productive I've been this year. It feels very good. Hopefully, I'll be able to submit three more papers this summer.

In the non-mathy side of things. My mom is in town and we've had a good time. We've already watched three movies in the movie theaters. Almost matching the number of movies, I've seen all year. We watched Kung Fu Panda 2 which was quite good. [b]X-men First Class[/b] which was much better than I expected (I did expect it to be terrible though) and [b]Hangover II[/b]. Hangover was also better than expected, but not nearly as funny as the first one.

We also went to watch Spain beat the USA 4-0 at Gillette Stadium. The game was awesome, the quality of the Spanish team is incredible.

This past Sunday, I had a great game as a goalie, my first truly great game as a goalie since October. I am happy about that too.

This Friday, a lot of family members come in for my graduation, so I am very excited. Tomorrow, my mom and I go to Six Flags.

Life is good.
2nd-Jun-2011 01:49 pm - All done
I turned in my thesis on May 31st. I had a meeting with Carl at 10am, thinking he would just say "good job, go turn it in", after I sent what I thought was the last revision to my thesis to him the night before. One of my proofs depended on choosing values for parameters k and s for each pair (r,p). I had two tables, each with a constant calculated for 27 pairs of (r,p), but I don't say which k's and s's I use. So he asked me to mention what my choices were, instead of me just stating that I made choices. So, I had to ask Yuliia to email me my file, find out how to create a fancy table to include these values and to reconstruct the choices of k and s. While I am doing this, Carl was looking at other parts of the thesis. I had some lemmas that worked for any r, but the theorem didn't work for any r, so he tells me "when you finish the tables, think about a theorem for all r for about 10 minutes, if you don't think of anything, you can turn that in, but if you think of something, it would be worth including". After 3 hours, I managed to reconstruct the k's and s's and after a few minutes consideration, I had the main idea to be able to prove the theorem for all r. Now, I had to write it. After another hour writing it, I am finally done. Carl takes a look at the proof, while I fix other typos he noticed. He approves the proof and I submit my thesis at 3:50pm (10 minutes before they close).

I am so happy to have finished my thesis. I am a bit stunned at how long it ended up being. Often, I felt like I wasn't getting much done, but it ended up being a 155 page document, with a possibility of publishing 5 papers out of it. Two weeks ago I submitted a chapter for publication and tonight I am sending another one. I'll take a ten day break (my mom comes in tomorrow) and then I'll work on submitting another chapter. Then I go to a workshop in Utah. When I come back I will work on two more papers. It will be a very busy summer, but I have never been this happy with my mathematical work.

In moving news, Yuliia and I went to Swarthmore last weekend. We found an apartment. Yuliia was surprised at how beautiful Swarthmore is and how nice the town seems. We're both very excited to go there in August.

My mom comes in tomorrow, I have fulfilled all my requirements to graduate, I have solid work, my wife is happy, my family comes next week for my graduation and I am having fun with soccer and other things.

Life is good.
12th-May-2011 09:00 pm - Extremely Happy
I have been in a very good mood lately. I finished writing my thesis two weeks ago (although I've been making edits here and there since), I finished writing my defense talk (my defense is next Wednesday), I submitted my first solo paper to a journal, I am polishing up two more papers to submit to journals soon and two others next month. My thesis ended up being much stronger than I thought, the last three months being extremely productive (more than half my thesis came from work starting in February).

Yuliia is very happy with a new job and we just had a very pleasant trip to Newport to celebrate her birthday at the beach and eating delicious meals (including one at an excellent French restaurant).

My family is coming to graduation soon. Yuliia and I have been enjoying good TV shows (30 Rock, Game of Thrones, Dancing with the Stars).

Now I am going to salsa dance.

Life is good.
24th-Mar-2011 01:39 am - Amazing Week
This week has been so amazing, that I had to return to livejournal to write about it after my 5 month break from it.

Here is a list of cool things that have happened this week:

1) Got a job. It is only a 1-year position by I am very excited. The position is as a visiting professor at Swarthmore College. They pay well, they allow Yuliia to take classes, it has benefits, the teaching load is not bad (2-3). It is in Philadelphia, close to NY and Washington. It has a big Mexican community. I am extremely happy about the situation.

After that one, the rest will be minor, but whatever:

2) I finished typing up a paper where I improve the known explicit bounds on the least quadratic non-residue. I am very happy with this. Two nights ago, I improved a similar result about the biggest length of consecutive integers where \chi is constant (\chi is a Dirichlet character). I improved these bounds, but I found out someone 40 years ago, announced better results (but never published a proof). He had announced the results I had for least quadratic non-residue and I matched those, but I couldn't match his claim here. Well, tonight I figured it out. Now I can beat the claims. I am very happy with these results.

3) I am now part of Amazon Vine, which means I get free stuff from Amazon to write reviews. I guess the comic blog had some fruits (even if I stopped writing there 8 months ago).

4) I got accepted to an analytic number theory workshop organized by Granville, Soundararajan, Thorne and others. It looks like it is going to be awesome.

5) Had some really fun games at soccer and watched some great movies with Yulichka (Princess Mononoke being the best of them).
15th-Oct-2010 11:17 am - Haven't Written in a Long Time
I haven't written in a long time. I have had a good time. My uncle came to visit. I went to my first Dartmouth football game (and then my second one two weeks later), the soccer season started and I've won all four games, had fun with Richy and Yuliia. Saw The Town which was pretty good. Traveled to the beautiful city of Quebec to a number theory conference. Had some cool math results, enjoyed some math classes. Taught a few calculus classes. Started going back to salsa nights. Enjoyed watching the NFL on RedZone. Life has been great. I don't promise writing more often, but I hope I do it at least once a week.
19th-Aug-2010 01:42 am - Soccer Injury
I played soccer on Monday. After getting tired from running I decided to play goalie for a bit to recharge the batteries. After about 5 minutes at goal, a play happened where an opposing player was coming one on one against me. I came out to close the angle. I guessed a shot on the right but he shot left as I moved my head left, his right knee hit my left eyebrow. Bone on bone collision. It didn't hurt, but there was a lot of blood. They told me to put my head back and since there were two doctors on the field, they immediately instructed me on what to do. They put something in my eyebrow to stop the bleeding (by putting pressure on it) and the guy that hit me took me to the hospital. It took a while to clean the wound and put stitches on it. I was in the hospital about 90 minutes, but now I am okay. There was essentially no pain involved. The hit didn't hurt, the anesthesia needle didn't hurt, most of the stitching didn't hurt, the tetanus shot didn't hurt. I also managed to stop the goal. So all of that is good news. Another piece of good news is that the scar will not be noticeable. From what I heard from people that saw the stitching (I didn't see it and my eyebrow has tape on it, so I can't see it), the job was very well done and not noticeable. Even if it is a bit noticeable when the eyebrow grows back it will cover it.
The bad news is that I won't get to play for 2 weeks. Technically I could play next Monday, but the doctor recommended an extra week rest as the wound would be healthy but weak on Monday.
19th-Aug-2010 01:34 am - Driving across the North and back
My mom and sister arrived last Tuesday to Boston to start what would be a journey to Michigan. We arrived a bit late to pick them up, but we had a nice walk around the Common and a nice dinner. I was happy to introduce them to Richy.

On Wednesday the journey began. We drove to Niagara Falls. It is a long drive, but it is very beautiful. Vermont is very beautiful. On the way there I was intrigued by a huge monument in the middle of the mountains and I had to find out what it was. It turned out to be a monument commemorating an important battle in Bennington Vermont in August 1777. The monument is 306 feet tall and it has an elevator that goes 200 feet up (for tourists) and from there you have a great view of the surrounding mountains. I was very happy to stop there.

We got to Niagara at around 11 pm and we had a nice walk outside. I then went to the casino and played only 8 poker hands as I busted out in an all in on the eight hand. I was a slight favorite, but I lost the pot. It was fun though.

The next day we got to see the falls in the day. They are amazing. We went down and took a boat to get close to the falls. One can hardly see anything because the falls create mist around them. It was fun though, mainly because you can feel the power of the waterfall. It is incredible.

After walking a bit around town, we took a ride in one of the amusement rides. It is called a drop tower. From the top of the tower, the view of the waterfalls was amazing. It was also fun to get my mom and sister a bit scared by telling them to look down.

After Niagara we tried to go to a town called Niagara on the Lake. But I went the wrong way. We saw the coast of Lake Erie instead of the one for Lake Ontario. We didn't have time to correct the error because we still had a long drive ahead of us. We drove to Auburn Hills, Michigan. We made it there a bit past midnight. When we got there, the hotel had messed up the reservations and was too full, meaning there was only one room for the four of us. Meaning Yuliia and I got to sleep on the sofa bed. It wasn't bad. The hotel had the bedroom separate from the place where the sofa bed is, so it still felt a bit private. We would stay there Thursday and Friday and then get our own room on Saturday.

We had a good time in Auburn Hills. We went to Eric's wedding (my cousin) and we went to the party the next day. The wedding was very nice, in the highest part of the city. The live band at the wedding was great, playing a lot of very danceable songs and playing with a lot of enthusiasm. I had a blast. The food was good too.

After the wedding, my mom, sister, Yuliia and I played cards. We had a great time. Maribel really outplayed us. The next day, we were up to the task and beat her but it was only because she had a very bad headache.

After the next day party, we went out to "Dancing in the street", an event in Rochester. The event wasn't great, but we had a very tasty smoothie and went to a nearby movie theater to watch The Other Guys. I loved this comedy. I laughed throughout the whole movie and thought the movie had a lot of innovative jokes. I highly recommend it.

On Sunday, Yuliia and I drove back. It took us 14 hours to get home, but we made it. The drive through Ontario wasn't as pretty as the one in Vermont. I was also disappointed that by the time I was in Vermont it was night. I knew it would be that way, but when I saw the map of where we drove, I really wish it had been day. We drove through a huge island between the states of New York and Vermont. An island in lake Champlain. It would have been great to see it.

Now we're back home and besides an accident on my face on Monday, life is good with Richy and Yuliia.
1st-Aug-2010 06:31 pm - Dad's Visit
My dad came from Friday to Wednesday for a visit. We had a fun time. We ate at nice restaurants, spent some time in Boston and Burlington. Went to play mini golf, candle pin bowling, watched a couple of movies in the movie theater. It was just really fun. The best part was talking with my dad and enjoying walks with my dad and my dog. Very pleasant, I am very happy my dad came to visit.
I caught this movie on HBO a month ago. I love Goodfellas and this is a nice kind of sequel. It is not a sequel in terms of being the same characters, but it seems to have similar themes and even similar characters. It is also based on true events.

I liked the movie a lot. DeNiro's character is very interesting. Sharon Stone does a great performance. Her character is in many ways the movie. She brings an extra gap between DeNiro and Pesci and she brings chaos into DeNiro's world. It is surprising how she can go from brilliant to inept because of her love for James Woods (whatever the name of the character is). In a way, DeNiro is the same way as she. He also losses a lot for his love of her.

J.C. Chavez
I watched this ESPN documentary about Julio Cesar Chavez. The documentary was kind of good. It seemed incomplete. Chavez went through some very tough financial times and it wasn't addressed in the movie. It didn't address his problems with the police over hitting his wife. It didn't even show the most famous Chavez boxing moment. It described it, but it didn't show it. I was a bit disappointed, but at least it did have some interesting interviews, I mainly enjoyed seeing interviews with Chavez's son, he is now a boxer.

Winter's Bone
This was a really good movie. I think it won Sundance this year. It is about a 17 year old woman that has to take care of her family in the rural South. Her mother is crazy and her father just skipped bail (he was in jail for making meth). Since the father had put his house on the bail, it means that the girl and her two much younger siblings (a brother and a sister) will lose the house in one week. She looks for her father and we get to see the difficult life in this region. The movie moves with realistic dialogue and without having any expository dialogue meant for the audience. In other words, it assumes that we can follow and it is part of what makes the movie so great. It tells the story through actions seen from the point of view of the main character. We don't get any scenes without her, we travel the whole movie with her.
I highly recommend this movie. Very well made.

I watched this movie on the IMAX and what a great decision. Judging solely on the action movie aspect of this movie, the movie would be already the best of the year, however the movie is much more than that. The movie is very interesting, very fun and very engaging. It is also a movie that needs rewatching, there are so many details that need to be seen again, mainly because the movie is so engaging that one can help but feel the moment and just see what it easy to see. Once one watches the whole movie, one can go back and pay closer attention to the clues that Nolan sprinkles around.
I can't wait to see this movie again. This is a historic movie, it will be long remembered.

Dinner for Schmucks
I thought the movie was pretty funny. Some scenes were too cruel, but overall it made me laugh so much that I can happily recommend it. A funny movie.
22nd-Jul-2010 01:36 pm - Great Hike and Soccer
On Sunday Yuliia and I joined the big group of mathematicians that came to Dartmouth for the International Conference on Spectral Geometry on a hike of Mt. Moosilauke. The hike was very pretty. It is a bit long (3.7 miles one way) but it is not very steep and one gets to see some really nice views of the White mountains. The view from the top is great but there are other spots where one gets very nice views.

At the end of the hike, a group was playing soccer so I joined them. I had a lot of fun. Talking about soccer, on Monday I had another great game scoring 4 goals. It seems like I can't miss once we play in the big goals. I also scored a few goals on Wednesday, but in the smaller goals I am not as good as on the big ones. I am looking forward to playing the indoor league again, I'll play field this time.

My research has been going well and a website I've been working on is moving along. Life is good.
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